TCTC – Tennessee Christian Teen Conference – TCTC Truth 2016

TCTC – Tennessee Christian Teen Conference 2016

Christian youth will once again make their way to Gatlinburg for one of the most important gatherings to ever take place in the Smoky Mountains; that is, to keep our next generation focused on our Lord & Savior. This year the center of focus will be “TRUTH” and will be held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center between Jan. 8th 2016  thru  Jan. 10th 2016.

The excerpt below from the TCTC website explains more.

“This year we will be focusing on “Truth.” As I began reading through John’s gospel I noticed a familiar phrase being repeated over and over again that simply said, “I tell you the Truth.” Whether it was talking to His disciples, teaching Pharisees, or speaking to the heart of those who were outcasts, Jesus spoke the Truth into a world that needed it desperately, as the lines of what was true and what was not became more and more blurred.

Today we are seeing the same need for Truth and light in the world around us. We turn on the news and listen to the latest stories, the hatred and confusion over a broad range of issues, and ask the simple question, “What is right?” or “What does God say about this?” While this sounds like an easy question, the answers are not always so simple. This year our hope is to look at some difficult questions that students and adults are wrestling with in hopes of understanding what God’s word has to say to us. As Tom Cruise said in the movie A Few Good Men, “I want the Truth!” Hopefully, after some digging and wrestling with God’s word, your students and leaders will have it.”

-Deric Skinner


On Stage at TCTC – 2016

Music by: Jordan Howerton Band as well as Rend Collective

Magician: Harris III

Speaker: Mark Moore

2016 Competition Categories include:

  • Battle of the Bands
  • Creative Arts
  • Vocal Competition (Solo/ Duet)
  • Drama Competition (Individual or Group)
  • Public Speaking (Men or Women)
  • Devotional Speech (Middle School Only)*


TCTC – Tennessee Christian Teen Conference 2014/2015

We want to wish all of you visiting the TCTC a warm WELCOME! Please have a safe stay and enjoy some of our Pigeon Forge attractions while you are here.
TCTC  stands for the  “Tennessee Christian Teen Conference” which is a gathering of many denominations that put their faith in Jesus Christ. This Christian conference is always held the first or second weekend of each new year and brings in thousands of folks from a number of states.  This year (2014) the conference will be held at the Gatlinburg convention center between January 10th through the 12th.  This year’s theme is “I AM WORSHIP” based on COLOSSIANS 3:17 .

There will be a few new performers  to see while attending the TCTC in 2014 including; “The Sidewalk Prophets”, ” For King & Country”   and The Reilly Band.  Dustin Smith will be the worship leader, and Reggie Dabbs will be the featured speaker.



Reggie Dabbs


The Tennessee Christian Teen Convention (TCTC) was formed in 1983 by several youth ministers with the intention of making this annual event the biggest and best of it’s kind in Tennessee. They did this by pooling the resources of churches state-wide.  The end result was quite a success as can be seen in the numbers from last year when over 5000 people from over 130 churches that included 4 different denominations.

According to their website, the vision of TCTC is to; “reach out to the curious, call out the casual, and encourage the committed.”  This annual conference sets out to “challenge students to go further in their spiritual journey”  as it states also on their website, This is done through drama, workshops, knowledgeable speakers and especially, God-centered worship.

2014 Competition Categories include:

  • Vocal Music,
  • Drama,
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Men’s Public Speaking
  • Women’s Public Speaking
  • Devotional (Middle School Only)and
  • Other (anything not in previous categories)

This has grown into a large conference that impacts the lives of many. This year for example, not only will the thousands of teens who attend benefit from the powerful messages they will receive throughout the weekend but others around the world will also feel it’s impact. Teens attending the conference will get to choose from packing clothes for Ukrainians or food for our Haitian neighbors. Good job TCTC!!